World Forecast 2010

If you an astrology sceptic, please take note:
1. In 2006 this site predicted that in 2007 the world would spend too much.
2. In 2007 this site predicted that in 2008 the world would spend too little.
3. In 2008 this site predicted that in 2009 the world economy would remain flat. Accountants would flourish.

Forecast for 2010: the Chinese year of the Yang Metal Tiger - 14th February 2010 to the 2nd February 2011.

Ironically the anger, tension and violent economic swings of 2010 will start in 2010 on the day that celebrates love - Valentines Day.

The phrase 'Tiger economy' has been used in the past to describe what has become known as the 'emerging economies' in the East.  The Hong Kong stock market is one such economy noted for its sudden swings - from euphoria to depression - and just as quickly to the dizzy heights of unsustainable optimism.  Throughout 2010 the world's stock markets will climb aboard a rollercoaster, that will rise and fall with dramatic rapidity, confident in its every mood, but selfish in its aims.

The Metal Tiger is competitive and ostentatious, but he always wants too much, too soon.  So although unemployment will then be at horrifying levels throughout the world, the Metal Tiger will drive up stock markets in spasmodic bursts, and down again when the Tiger grabs his profit.  The hope will be an end to recession in 2011, but hope springs eternal.

Those who once made money from the housing market will now rest their hopes on potential gains from investment opportunities in financial products, so the housing market will continue to be starved of buyers and, regrettably, casinos throughout the world will be the beneficiaries of uncertainty.

We must also face the possibility in a Metal Tiger year of yet more military conflict between opposing idealogies, rather like the Korean War that started in 1950 - a previous year of the Yang Metal Tiger.

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